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There are lots of ways to get into the Halloween spirit this season. At the top of our list: a hot tub Halloween party! Hosting your closest pals or even new ‘ghouls’ is always a fun time but add your ‘bubbling witch’s brew’ and you will be the talk of the neighborhood. 

Part of the fun this spooky season brings centers around DIY (Do It Yourself), whether that comes from costumes, decorations, or creative snacks. Check out a few tips from the Arizona Hot Tub on how you can throw the best Halloween hot tub party. 

Mix in Your Favorite Flick

A terrific way to elevate your hot spa soiree is by adding in your favorite fright night movie.

When it comes to Halloween classics, the list certainly overflows. Whether you and your guests are searching for something light-hearted, or you are in the mood for a good scare, this list from Good Housekeeping is certain to have a crowd pleaser or two. 

Plus, the only thing better than a relaxing evening in your spa is an evening in your spa filled with laughs and jumps! 

Get Creative with the Menu

Halloween snacks and meals will have your guests energized to trick-or-treat or an all-night marathon. Candy and caramel apples are always a hit this time of year, and pumpkin bread never goes out of style.

Get creative this year and consider some fun-themed delicacies. Ghost pizza bagels, Bloody Mary syringed cocktails, bubbly concoctions, s’mores, and deviled eggs are all great options. If you are looking for a little more inspiration, check out Delish’s list of 44 Halloween Snacks To Get You Into The Spooky Spirit. 

Get Your ‘Bones’ Shaking

What’s a Halloween hot tub party without some tunes to get your guests moving? Streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music all have pre-made playlists with the spookiest of tunes. However, if you really want to earn host of the year, check out Cosmopolitan’s and The Pioneer Woman’s top song suggestions and create your own playlist! 

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Don’t Forget to Really ‘Light Up’ the Night

 Providing ambient lighting that truly emulates the Halloween season has never been easier. Many of our spas come equipped with 12-volt spa lights in an array of colors. Plus, your local home improvement company and home good stores have a vast collection of spooky décor. 

Regardless of how you decide to celebrate the season, any night in your spa is a great one! Make sure to tag our team on Facebook however, you decide to celebrate. 

‘Treat’ Yourself This Fall

If all you are missing for your Halloween hot tub party is a new spa contact our team today to hear their recommendations on the perfect model for your backyard.