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Nothing drives people indoors faster than cold weather. When the sun sets in the early evening and the temperatures begin to drop, many of us prefer to cozy up indoors, rather than braving the chilly weather. Although spending time outdoors in the winter is rarely preferred, it has remarkable benefits on both mental and physical health. 

Still, it can be challenging to prioritize spending time outdoors in the freezing months. Fortunately, our team put together some thoughts around how you can get outdoors more this winter, and what benefits you will reap in doing so. 

The Benefits of Spending Time in the Winter Air 

When cold weather sets in and the sun begins to disappear earlier, many will experience the “winter blues.” Whether you tend to be in a funk in the winter, or you struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), getting outside can help. In fact, psychologists have found that spending time outdoors can ease symptoms of depression by lessening fatigue and improving emotional regulation. Breathing in fresh air also increases serotonin levels, which helps to improve your mood and decreases stress levels. 

Not only does spending time outside improve your mood and stress levels, but it also improves cognitive function. Often people will describe feeling as if they are in a funk due to brain fog during the winter months. One study found that people who spent time outside had better cognitive performance than those who did not. Additionally, these people were able to be more mindful of their surroundings and their emotions, which contribute to attentiveness and focus. 

Enjoying time outside can positively affect your physical health as well. One study found that breathing in cold winter air can help your immune system fight common winter colds. The cold air clears bacteria out of the lungs and airways, decreasing the chances that you contract a common illness in the winter months. 

Increase Your Time Spent Outdoors with a Hot Tub

Often, we can recognize that spending time outdoors would be beneficial to our health, but we can still find it challenging to spend significant time in the cold air. Understandably, the cold air makes it difficult to go outside. If this is the case for you, a new hot tub may be the ideal solution! 

An outdoor hot tub maintains the fun in spending time outdoors by easing the discomfort from the cold air. With a spa, you can breathe in the cold air and enjoy boosting your immune system and mental clarity without shivering. Plus, soaking in a luxurious hot tub will help your body naturally release  endorphins in the same way sunlight does, ultimately combatting SAD and the “winter blues.” In fact, hot tubs are proven to provide many health benefits such as stress relief, and with the upcoming holidays this can be a huge benefit. 

Get Outside in Your Dream Hot Tub

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