As the temperatures fall and the days get shorter, many people find themselves wanting to spend more time inside to get away from the less-than-favorable weather conditions. As a result, many will experience negative mood shifts caused by decreased exposure to sunlight. If you find yourself suffering from a bad case of the winter blues or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), we’d like to remind you that you have an effective cure sitting on your deck right now: Your personal spa! Here are a few ways that taking frequent dips can help to improve your mood this winter.

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder?

During the winter months, many individuals will experience an increase in anxiety, sad thoughts, and stress, due to the decreased amount of daylight. This condition, which is commonly known as the “winter blues,” typically doesn’t cause a person severe distress. However, in cases where someone’s emotions are significantly impacted by the changing season and they’re no longer able to enjoy their life, they might be suffering from a depressive disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). A few symptoms of this condition include depression, anxiety, low energy levels, disrupted sleep patterns, and in some cases, suicidal thoughts.

A Natural Way to Release Endorphins

The reason you feel in higher spirits after spending time outside is that sun exposure causes your body to release endorphins, which are also known as the “feel-good chemicals.” This can do wonders for boosting your mood, regulating your sleep patterns, and easing feelings of stress. With the shorter days of the wintertime, sunlight is harder to come by so it’s only natural that many people experience a shift in their moods. Fortunately, taking a relaxing dip in your hot tub will help your body naturally release endorphins in the same way that sunlight does. According to Dr. Bobby Buka who is a dermatologist based in New York, “Your skin releases endorphins in response to the soothing warm water the same way that endorphins are released when you feel the sun on your skin.”

Experience the Great Outdoors

For many people who live in Arizona, the main draw of this gorgeous state is the outdoor beauty. From the expansive canyons and unique plant life to the mountain views and sunsets, the landscape is truly otherworldly and breathtaking. Unfortunately, it can be tough to motivate yourself to leave the warm embrace of your home on a chilly day. If you’re looking for the perfect way to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing coziness, your hot tub is the ideal solution! Simply hop in your spa, turn on the bubbles and mood lighting, and snuggle in for the night of your dreams. In addition to the increased exposure to sunshine, the ambient sounds of nature are proven to help reduce feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety.

Embrace Winter With Your Personal Spa

If you don’t already own a hot tub, it’s time to treat yourself! Contact us today and one of our friendly representatives will be happy to walk you through our incredible selection of spas to help you find your perfect model. Let’s add some sparkle to this winter season!