Caldera Spas in Prescott Valley

Here at Arizona Hot Tub Co., we provide an extensive variety of Paradise® model hot tubs. While you can’t go wrong with one of these relaxing spas, there are three that stand out from the crowd: Salina®, Makena®, and Kauai®. Each of these models has their own unique differences that makes them each a luxurious solution to fostering good physical health and emotional well-being. 

Let’s discuss the details and features of each option.


The Salina® is a power-packed massage machine that seats seven. This is your classic open-seat hot tub, perfect for day-to-day relaxation for your family or for hosting parties. Jump from seat to seat to experience everything this spa has to offer, or stay at one to experience ultimate relaxation in the muscle group you most need it in. Featuring 40 jets, two 2.5 HP ReliaFlo® jet pumps, and a spacious two level footwell, this spa is built to be relaxed in and enjoyed by many.

The Salina® can be customized with a wide range of integrated music and light options, as well as steps, cover lifters, umbrella, and hydromassage jet kits, and our FreshWater™ Salt System. 


The Makena® presents the ultimate spa experience. This top-line, full-sized hot tub features a lounge and seats for up to six adults. This Spa features all our signature comfort, performance, and style amenities and customizations, including an astounding 46 jets and a stunning backlit Acquarella waterfall. The Makena® is suitable for just about anyone and is the perfect medium for those prioritizing both personal care and entertainment.

Like all Paradise® models, the Makena® is highly customizable, and can be outfitted with our FreshWater™ Salt System.


It would be a mistake to overlook the Kauai® Spa for its small size— at 7’ x 5.5’ it redefines efficiency in relaxation. Named for an island popular among vacationers, the Kauai® seats three adults and features the UltraMassage® lounge and EcstaSeat®. Powerful spa jets and conversation seating make it a popular 3-person hot tub. It’s space efficient and great for smaller households, or for those seeking a spa for personal use: stress or pain management. This is an excellent model for those seeking easy and space efficient access to paradise.

The Kauai® is energy efficient, keeping costs low with our highly efficient EnergyPro® circulation pump. It features 31 jets, powerful hydrotherapy, and multifunctional lighting that can help you set a relaxing mood. 

Your Journey to Paradise

Are you ready to be whisked away to the land of pure bliss? Contact us today to begin your journey towards experiencing the bliss of owning a Paradise® hot tub.