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Our Favorite Marquis® Spas

Here at Arizona Hot Tub Co., we offer an extensive variety of Marquis® Spas options, but for us, there are three that stand out from the crowd: The Monaco Elite, The Broadway, and The V84. These incredible spas provide an elegant and luxurious solution for ensuring your personal health and emotional wellbeing. Let’s discuss each option and why they’re so fantastic!

The Monaco Elite

For anyone out there looking for the ultimate round hot tub, we recommend exploring The Monaco Elite, which comfortably accommodates five people. Due to its spacious interior and generous lounge seating, it’s a favorite option for those who enjoy entertaining at home. With targeted jets from neck to feet, two deep therapy seats featuring full-back massage therapy, and two cozy bucket seats, it provides plenty of features for you and your guests to luxuriate in. The stainless steel jets and elegant finish make this hot tub the ultimate luxury option. As an added touch of convenience, it includes the 120-volt plug-and-play system which ensures a super easy setup.

The Broadway Hot Tub

If you’re on the hunt for the most versatile hot tub option on the market, you need to check out The Broadway. This model accommodates five guests and features a great variety of seating options, including a wraparound seat, a deep Director’s Chair with rejuvenating leg therapy, a seat designed for total back therapy, and two additional seats at varying depths. Whether you’re experiencing a tight back or sore calves, this hot tub is sure to massage the discomfort away and replace it with a serene bliss. Adding to the luxurious ambience is a soothing waterfall. Available in both the 120 volt plug-and-play option and an optional 240 volt performance upgrade option, this spa offers the ultimate customizability.

The V84

The V84 will ensure that your entire family feels like royalty! It features high-end finishes, multiple color options so that you can match it to your personal decor style, and ample seating that works great for up to six guests. Everyone in the family will love how spacious the interior is, as well as the wide variety of jets that are expertly positioned to provide the ultimate relaxation experience. The powerful assortment of Whitewater-4 jets and jet-pods equipped with the V-O-L-T™ system deliver customized massaging action to every inch of the body, from neck to toe. It also offers a comfy cooldown bench for when the heat gets to you. Simply hop in your new spa, turn on the bubbles, and watch as your worries and pain melt away.

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