Hot Tub Accessories

Did you know there’s more than sand, fake palm trees, and Hawaiian music, to make your backyard paradise complete? Make your little slice of heaven feel even more like a resort by incorporating these fun decorating ideas. 


Your five-star, resort-like backyard just needs a white or beige umbrella. Not only will these colors look great, but they also help to reflect heat from the harsh rays of the sun and keep your hangout area cool. You can use an umbrella to shade an outdoor dining area, your favorite napping spot, or even your spa. Umbrellas are the perfect add-on accessory to add a bit of functional glamor to your deck. Here’s a fantastic umbrella option that doesn’t break the bank.


Garlands add an intriguing touch of elegance like no other plant. Add some green color to your backyard hangout spot this summer. Just imagine soaking away your troubles in a lush, tropical paradise or mountain retreat. Garlands come in many shapes and sizes, but we love this artificial vines option featuring soothing eucalyptus. With ingenuity, and a green thumb, window boxes planted with geraniums can help transport you to Switzerland without leaving home!


An invitation awaits for that special statue to look at, reflect on, and admire for years to come. It’s a welcome addition to your yard and spa experience. Here’s the incredible selection that’s available at Home Depot: Outdoor Decor and Garden Statues. Simply visit Home Depot or browse your favorite home furnishings supplier and in no time, you’ll find the perfect piece of yard art, at the right price, to top off your at-home paradise. From regal lions and garden globes to Grecian goddesses and angels, there’s so many options from which to choose. Let your imagination run wild. 

Dining Sets 

On a gorgeous summer day, enjoying a delicious meal outdoors in the company of your favorite people is a great way to relax and unwind. The combination of a yummy selection of food, refreshing drinks, resort-style decorations, plus family and friends is almost as good as enjoying a comfortable soak in your hot tub (and we emphasize the word almost). Lowes offers a huge variety of affordable dining sets for you to explore. 

Seating and Pillows 

For seating and pillows, there are tons of options to choose from online or in-person, but we’ve found that Walmart has the most affordable options: Seating Options for Your Backyard. The right pillows will accent any chaise lounge, love seat, or chair. So why not brighten your backyard living space with Outdoor Throw Pillows to emulate the style of a resort? Choosing colorful seating options that feature natural elements, such as polished wood or braided leather, will give your renewed hideaway a welcoming vibe.  

Enjoy Your Summer the Right Way

Need a new spa to complement your outdoor paradise décor? Contact us today! Arizona Hot Tubs wishes you the kind of backyard paradise you’ve always dreamt about and a wonderful, stress-free summer! 

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