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Benefits of a Salt Water Hot Tub

For centuries, people have traveled to mineral springs to bathe in the waters and experience their restorative powers. These hot springs, which draw their heat from beneath the earth’s crust, are inherently self-sustaining. In this way, they’re much like a modern salt water hot tub, which are designed to generate their own natural cleansing and soothing properties.
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Owning a high-quality salt water hot tub is as close as you can come to recreating the experience of a mineral spring in your home. Better still, you can soak in privacy while enjoying customized features designed to enhance the spa experience for your individual lifestyle. By adding the benefits of salt water hot tubs to your everyday life, you can reap all the advantages of bathing in a mineral spring without leaving the peace and comfort of your backyard.
Salt water spas can improve your well-being in three key areas: They provide the ultimate experience in relaxation, they help support a healthy and active lifestyle, and they’re convenient and simple to maintain. When you spend less time caring for your spa, you have more time to enjoy the benefits.
  • Gentle. Avoid the itchy scratchies! A salt water system is automatic, and works without much input. Regardless if you are there or not, the salt system is hard at work making sure un-wanted guests (bacteria) are taken care of using powerful, yet natural cleaners produced from the water itself, and a little salt (Sodium Chloride). That salt, is the same salt used in a water softener, which creates a luxurious soft water feel.
  • Smells great. Because the release of chlorine from a salt water system is so minimal, you won’t be able to smell or otherwise detect it. Your @home Hot Spring will never smell like a public pool. A heavy chlorine scent doesn’t belong at a natural warm spring, so it shouldn’t be a part of your attempt to recreate that natural experience at home.
  • Natural and Worry-Free. For you and your family, a salt water system can make your hot tub more natural and comfortable for everyday use. With fewer chemicals added to your water, you’ll have a soft water experience with less chance of skin or eye irritation.
  • Eco-Friendly. Hot Spring Spas, pioneers of the ACE Salt System, has innovated their salt system to be half as salty as a salt water pool, and less than a third as salty as human tears. In fact, there won’t be enough salt in your spa for you to taste. It’s safe for you and your family, and it’s safe for the environment. Plus, you’ll use less water overall, because these high-quality salt water systems require you to change the water as infrequently as once a year.
  • Easy to Maintain. In salt water hot tubs, a chemical reaction produces small amounts of natural chlorine molecules, which neutralize contaminants before being recycled back into the system as sodium—rather than as chloramines, which create a strong chlorine smell and can irritate skin and eyes. With a salt water system, there’s no need to constantly add chlorine or other water care to your spa.
  • Clean, Stable Water Quality. The small amount of chlorine regularly produced by the system is enough to keep your water quality clean and consistent—which means the hot tub is always ready for you to use.
  • Less Wasted Time and Materials. A salt water hot tub greatly reduces the need to constantly purchase regular quantities of water-sanitizing chemicals throughout the year. In addition to only needing to be refilled once a year, a high-quality salt water hot tub system is designed to require very few additional supplies and very little maintenance.
As salt water hot tubs gain popularity, the science and technology behind them continues to improve. The ACE® Salt Water System has revolutionized both the hot tub sanitation process and the hot tub ownership experience. It’s the only salt water hot tub system that delivers active oxygen through a patented diamond electrode. This active oxygen interacts with the salt to create just enough chlorine to sanitize your spa, leaving behind only water and carbon dioxide as byproducts.
This system is natural and simple to maintain, and it’ll leave your spa water sparkling fresh and soft against your skin. With very little effort on your part, you’ll have clean, comfortable spa water waiting for you at any time. You’ll enjoy the best of both worlds: superior water quality and minimal demands on your time and energy. Recreating the natural mineral spring experience in your own home has never been simpler.

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