Hot Tub Party in Prescott AZ

Hot tubs are a fantastic way to relax and unwind but can also be a key element in throwing an amazing party this summer. If you’re looking to throw the perfect party, keep reading for some of our favorite tips and tricks.

Themes and Decor

The easiest way to start planning a party is to come up with a theme. Once you have this, the decor, food, and drinks will all follow! Beat the heat with a tropical beach-themed party, host a hot tub game and movie night, or even throw a Christmas in July-themed event— no matter what you pick, your guests are sure to have a blast. After choosing your theme, next up is selecting decorations to turn your backyard into a fantastical getaway.

No matter what the occasion, unique lighting is an easy way to stay on theme and take your party to the next level. Try our hot tubs that come with ambient LED lighting that you can customize to match the theme and mood of your gathering. For a Christmas in July theme, string lights and yard accessories are a fun, easy way to bring a little bit of holiday cheer. 

Activities for Summer Fun

Now you’ve got your theme and decor all set up, but what about the activities for you and your guests to enjoy? Make movie night memorable by setting up a projector and a sheet to create a huge movie screen, and connect your device or DVD player to watch any show or movie you’d like. Game nights are fun for everyone, so why not incorporate your hot tub by using waterproof cards, a floating table, or waterproof board games? The possibilities are endless!

You could also create a beachy atmosphere and have some fun playing volleyball or throwing a frisbee, before taking a relaxing dip in your fantastic hot tub. Or, if you choose to do a holiday theme, consider doing a white elephant gift exchange with all your guests! Regardless of the activities you choose, make sure to find a playlist with the best songs of the summer and turn up the sound to get the party started. 

Snacks, Drinks, and More

Food is a wonderful way to bring people together, so get your guests out of the hot tub by offering a hearty meal. Make your options as simple or as complex as you’d like, from a buffet-style snack bar to a sit-down dinner. For drinks, make sure to match them to your party’s theme. Try mango mocktails for a tropical theme, fruit punch for a game night, or eggnog for a holiday theme. 

Endless Possibilities for Summer Fun

With so many options, we know you’ll come up with something amazing! If the only thing keeping you from throwing the perfect summer bash is the perfect spa, contact us today! 

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