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What Is Water Circuit Therapy?

Water circuit therapy provides a multitude of benefits including reduced fatigue, encouraged detoxification and a boosted immune system. But what exactly is it?

Water circuit therapy, also known as contrast water therapy, combines the advantages of hot tubs, steam showers and cold baths (or pools) all in one. This type of therapy involves switching between water treatments of varying temperatures to gain the benefits as if all were combined. Each session can look a little different, but here is one example of what a circuit may consist of:

  • 10 minutes in your at-home hot tub to loosen up your muscles in the warm water.
  • 15 minutes in a steam shower to allow your body to sweat and begin to release toxins.
  • 10 minutes in a cool bath to reduce body temperature.
  • 15 minutes in a cold bath to lessen pain and boost serotonin.

It might sound uncomfortable to go back and forth between hot and cool waters, but the benefits are endless. In this blog, we outline a few of the results you will begin to see immediately. These include both soreness relief and increased muscle health. The combination of these two remedies will allow you to exercise more, boost your serotonin and lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Each individual part of the circuit has its own benefits. Starting in the hot tub provides stress relief and improved sleep. The steam shower brings both pain relief and improved, deeper breathing. The ice bath reduces muscle damage and improves your overall mental health and being.

It is important to remember, though, your own safety and health conditions. The quick change in temperature during water circuit therapy can be shocking to certain body types. It can be especially harmful to those with underlying heart conditions. If this pertains to you, you can still experience the benefits of water circuit therapy! Just be sure that when you are switching temperatures, you make the transition less jarring by adjusting the heat levels and giving your body more rest in between.

The best part about water circuit therapy? You don’t have to leave your house to enjoy it. With an at-home hot tub, shower and bathtub, you can experience all that this therapy has to offer in the most convenient way! Let us help you create this rejuvenating therapy circuit with our products at today. Contact us Arizona Hot Tub Company or head to our store and let our professionals help give you the best tips!

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