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Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas For Any Budget

The setting around your hot tub is key for maximizing your overall enjoyment! Once you make the decision to purchase a new hot tub, you begin to think about where it will be placed and how it will fit into your landscape. It is important to integrate the spa into your yard or deck in a seamless fashion as it will become an integral feature of your home. By taking the time to plan an invest in materials and other decorations, you are sure to create the oasis you have been dreaming of. Plus, we have ideas for every budget! 

If creating an area with optimal privacy is important, there are several ways to accomplish this using either plants or curtains. By surrounding your tub with full and vibrant plants, you can almost create a separate room within your backyard. This natural privacy feature could make use of anything from full bushes, to tall trees already planted in your yard. The options are endless, and the cost is low!  

A privacy structure might also work for your private getaway. This could be anything from a pergola or a deck overhang where you can attach curtains to create the most romantic evening with your loved one. Using what already exists in your backyard is the best way to save money and time!  

You may prefer your hot tub to fit in with the natural environment of your home. If you have a rock wall, you can position your tub against it and create a stone walkway towards your spa. Or, if your home has a back deck, you can build a hole to place your hot tub inside and seamlessly insert it into your deck living space.  

The environment around your hot tub is also very important and landscaping can play a large role in this as well. By planting aesthetically pleasing or fragrant flowers, you can transform your hot tub into another sensory dimension. Lighting is another feature that can make your spa the perfect entertainment spot for friends and family. By using existing trees to hang up string lights or attaching them off your house or deck, the mood will be set for many nights to come.  

Whether you have an existing landscape you want to work with or additions to make, there are so many cost-effective options. We at Arizona Hot Tubs can help you come up with the perfect plan for any backyard! Visit our showroom or contact one of our professionals today to get started on your at-home oasis.  

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