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Accessories to Enhance Your Outdoor Hot Tub

There are so many additions you can make to your hot tub in order to enhance the overall experience and provide more convenience. Here are just a few of our favorite accessories that will take your hot tub to the next level of value and entertainment! No matter the reason why you bought your hot tub, all these accessories are sure to make every soak unforgettable.

Cover Lifter

Hot tub cover lifters are both durable and easy to install. They also aid in the process of having to remove a heavy cover all alone. A hot tub cover lifter helps you remove and replace your hot tub cover quickly, easily and efficiently. It’s also helpful for when you need to give your cover a clean. It fits right onto the side of your spa and also folds in half if you only need access to half the tub.


Similar to a cover lifter, a handrail is about ease of use, with safety as a top priority. It is well known, that the easier it is to get in and out of the hot tub, the more you are likely to use it. Having a handrail adds stability and a sense of security especially when stepping into that slippery acrylic surface of most hot tubs.

Towel Warmer

Soaking in a hot tub in the winter months is fun until you realize your towel is cold. Or you might take a steaming dip and realize in order to get out, you have to walk across the freezing cold air. A towel warmer is the perfect solution for this problem. By using a warm towel to dry, you can add an extra touch of pampering to your experience and prevent being cold in the process!

Remote Monitoring System

Remote monitoring systems allow you to immediately alert a specialist if your hot tub needs care. Using this system will notify the dealer that your spa needs to be serviced at their earliest convenience. These remote systems also allow you to turn the hot tub on before you even arrive. This way, you ensure the water is ready whenever you’re ready to hop in! Two benefits in one accessory!

There are several other additions that can also enhance your experience, but these are some of our favorites! To learn more about these or others, contact one of our professionals at Arizona Hot Tubs today. We are always here to help!

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