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5 Helpful Tips For New Hot Tub Users

There’s a lot to learn when purchasing a new hot tub as a brand new user. Here are five tips we’ve found helpful for new owners!

Invest in a Hot Tub Cover

Not all hot tub covers are worth the investment. When looking to buy one, make sure you are exploring covers that are made of high-quality material. The better insulated a hot tub cover is, the more money you will save in energy costs. This will, in turn, keep you water much warmer for each soak!

Create a Cleaning Routine

It is important to set a schedule for cleaning your hot tub, who wants to swim in dirt and oils anyways? As long as you make sure to regularly sanitize and clean your spa and its filters, you will always have an enjoyable swim. By following a schedule, your spa will look and feel as though it’s brand new!

Always have Extra Towels

It’s never fun to exit from the hot tub in the cold weather and realize you have no towels near! One trick is to keep a small storage container that fits into your porch or blends with your spa to keep extra towels and ensure you stay warm and dry after your dip!

When Leaving, use Economy Mode

Now, there’s no need to worry about your energy bill rising when you leave town for an extended period of time. Many hot tubs come with a feature called economy mode which lowers the water temperature by 15 degrees when you turn it on and heats the water back up when you arrive home and turn it off!

 Use a Consistent Temperature

Best practice involves keeping your water temperature consistent at all times. It saves more money rather than constantly heating it up and cooling it down especially when paired with a heavy-duty cover. Instead of turning the heat down when you’re done using the tub, you can just seal the cover on tightly.

We hope these tips help you get the most out of your hot tub experience through saving time, money and energy! If you have any more questions, feel free to call or come by one of our stores and our professionals will be ready to help you.

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