August 2016 - Arizona Hot Tub Company - Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, Saunas Dealer Prescott Valley, AZ

New Name… a New Site: We are growing!

Nick Kasten 12/05/2015, 11:24 pm In today’s marketplace, it is imperative for the survival of a small business to have a simple, yet informative web presence.  Consumers these days no longer hope to find the information online before entering a store, but expect, even demand, it.  Hence why continuous updates on our own website.  We … Read More

2015 Holiday Hours

Nick Kasten 12/24/2015, 8:24 pm As a small business, we make it a priority to have family time with our loved ones.  This is the season where we reflect back on the year, and realize just how fortunate and blessed we truly are.  We live in a beautiful area, with the amenities of a big … Read More

Happy New Year! 2016 Rollouts

Nick Kasten 01/01/2016, 7:46 pm As we have alluded to in the past, we are changing our name.  Well, it is now official, and the name change has begun to roll-out across our social media platforms (google+, facebook, pinterest, twitter, etc.)  To help prevent confusion, I made a short little video explaining that we are … Read More

Valentine’s Day – Become more connected with your loved ones

Nick Kasten 02/15/2016, 4:41 am It’s appropriate on Valentine’s Day that this blog post is focused on the topic of relationships. Humans are relational beings. They want, no… they need to be connected. One of the harshest punishments in our judicial system is solitary confinement. It’s harsh because we need to connect with one another. … Read More